Static Websites Built Better

WebDibbler builds static websites and pages. It is a template and scripting language that works with normal HTML files, giving you the power of everything from server side includes to wiki markup - without needing to install any server software. It runs on your desktop and produces pages that can be uploaded to virtually any web host. Publish without specialist software, databases or content management systems.

About WebDibbler

Some websites are small and simple enough that you can manage them with a text editor and simple graphics package. As they grow, that becomes more difficult. Things like navigation and layout need to be kept consistent between pages, and adding new content can involve duplicating great swathes of HTML.

One solution is to dive into a Content Management System - there are quite a few options on the market - and import the website's text and images into a database that sits on a server somewhere. With a set of templates, your content is turned into a website that can grow as you add articles, albums, blog entries and so on. The downside with this is that you either have to host the server software, or usually pay someone to do it for you. Once you've chosen a system, getting your data out can be quite difficult, so you have less flexibility to move elsewhere and less control over things like backup and availability.

WebDibbler offers another option. It adds a few extra tags to HTML to create page templates. A simple build system allows you to script the process of turning your content into fully fledged web pages. Add another blog entry, or a new album of photos and rebuild your site with the click of a button (or in future through an API that can be integrated with other tools). The generated web site is standard HTML that can be placed on any server. The source files are easily edited with normal web tools. You retain the flexibility and control.

WebDibbler has been written as a portable tool that imposes as few requirements as possible on your website. Simple templates can automate the sort of regular tasks involved in managing a website - creating thumbnails or merging in common navigation to pages. More complex templates can create blogs, complete web albums or reference sites that can easily be expanded just by adding new content.

If your site has grown beyond a few simple pages, maybe WebDibbler can help!